casting the devil out of ven - smallWritten By: Naomi Toms

Let me ask you something. When you were little, did you ever look at a closed wooden door and wonder whether it might lead to a completely different world? Have you ever just sat there and stared at it, fervently hoping that it would, but not daring to open it for fear that it would turn out to be nothing more than a broom closet?

What if I told you that that old wooden door of your childhood really did lead somewhere? Would you go back and look for it? Would you stand before that door, unmoving, afraid that what lies behind it could be something dangerous or horrible? Or would you clasp the handle, turn it, and face whatever strange and different sight was laid out before you?

Now, what if I told you that it led to a country, and that this country was greater, more beautiful and more terrible, than anything you could imagine? That its primary inhabitants were great, powerful creatures that could command mountains to move with one word, or set a whole town ablaze with another? That these fearsome creatures waged a fierce battle with each other, not so much over the fate of their own land or world… but over your own fate and the fate of every human being?

And what if I told you that their every victory or defeat depended upon your own – and each human being’s own – little choices? That, though the rightful King of the land would Himself come forth to meet you with an army of those creatures loyal to Him, coming to accompany you, protect you, and guide you to His own Kingdom where He has prepared a royal place for you – that you must first set on your way, start on the journey, and leave your own familiar world behind?

Would you walk through that door, enter that land, and take the adventure that came to you?

The truth is, though the door itself may not be old or wooden, though it may not even be visible, it exists right before our very eyes.

Right here, right now, we are surrounded by a vast world we cannot see. This world is more, much more, than our imaginations could contain or comprehend. It is the world of angels and demons, wrestling for our souls, the world of the Saints, given grace by God to powerfully intercede with prayer, the world in which God Himself is present among His people. We already inhabit this world, though perhaps unwittingly. But the door still stands before us; the choice must still be made to walk through that door, consciously accepting its adventure. Living in that world, and remembering that our every choice is a pivotal action affecting its epic battle, is our great responsibility as we strive to live our Christian life.

Awareness is a terrible responsibility before God and us. You must see the connection between this awareness, thoughtfulness, recollection, and the restoration of the world to Christ.” – Catherine Doherty


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