woman in feild arms out happy - smallWritten By: David Gilbert

With some of my friends and co-workers I have had many conversations about Christianity and Catholicism. One of the most common comments given is that it is a religion with a bunch of rules that is constantly saying “no” to anything that appears to be “freeing” or enjoying life.

Fr. Robert Barron (of Word on Fire) touches upon this issue of Catholicism’s “no” is a “no” to a no – it is a no to a distortion of what we ought to be. This “no” to a “no” (a double negative) is a positive. In other words, the Church’s “no” is a “Yes” to something better. This something better is the higher standard that God sets for us so that we live our lives to the fullest according to God’s will.

I will leave Bishop Barron to explain this topic further.


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