Written By: Diana Nega

A few weeks ago, I was driving with my mom in the car, and we got a chip in the windshield that grew into a small crack. The entire way, she was terrified that the windshield would crack into many pieces and would harm us in someway. It was a valid concern, being hundreds of miles from our destination. The unknown of whether or not the windshield would completely shatter is what brought her a lot of fear and anxiety.

When we were almost home, she started thanking God that it didn’t crack along the way. And I also said my praises to God for His goodness to us.  She then said to me, “I was scared the whole way home that something bad was going to happen.” That’s when I turned to her and said, “Why? If you prayed and offered it up to God, asked Him to protect us, why were you scared? If you really give everything to God, but you still fear, do you truly believe in God? Does it make sense to pray and offer situations to God, if you are not going to trust Him?”

The moral of the story isn’t, that my Mom doesn’t have faith (If you ever met my Mama, you would understand that she whole heartedly loves God). But it’s that in our human weakness, we want to control everything. We want to control every situation, every outcome, what others think of us etc. And then we want to start controlling the bigger things in life, what job you will get, who you will marry, or where you will live etc.

All of these things are completely beyond our control. You cannot foreshadow anything in life, and you can’t know with certainty that tomorrow will even exist.

So, today I am asking you to think about this. Why not submit to God’s Will? Why not completely trust Him to lead you down the right path?

The Lord’s plan is never to harm us, His plan is to give us a bright and wonderful future, a plan to give us hope.  (Jeremiah 29:11)

My dearest readers, if we trust in Will of the Lord, than I ask you today to pray for the strength to completely submit to the Will of God, to His Divine Will. In that you will feel complete and utter peace. You will know that every step in your life is being lead by someone who knows you better than you even know yourself. Trust in the Lord, trust in His goodness and Love towards you.

Today, say this: “Lord, I ask that I may completely submit to Your Will.  Possess me in mind, body and spirit. Allow everything that I do to be in glory for You, who loves me so much. Not my will be done, but Yours.”

Praying for you.


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