Group excited - smallWritten By: Patrick Sullivan

It was a usual morning and my daughter Hannah was just about to dive into her cereal; until she screamed that is.

It was thankfully, a scream of joy that you can still hear in little girls who are five, but still, the reason for it completely escaped me.

I had supposed that she was simply overwhelmed at the sight of getting cereal, and sugary cereal at that.

We are oatmeal eating people, and on Sundays, we throw a family brunch full of eggs and other yummy things…

So sure, I might scream at the sight of Captain Crunch as well.

But that wasn’t it.

Hannah had just had a revelation.

“Daddy!” she could barely contain herself, and her eyes twinkling, “I am praying for my Godparents and my Godparents pray for me!”

It was still early so I wasn’t as enthusiastic as I probably should have been.

Hannah noticed and so slowed down her voice to a playful ‘earth to daddy’ kind of tone.

“Daddy…they PRAY for me…and I pray for them,” her smile was addictive.

She was right. Knowledge…knowing that someone else is actually praying for you is exciting.

Your difficulties this day…your struggles with your vice and the people in your lives…all of these can be padded and softened with prayer.

And if someone is praying for you…well, that is something to be excited about.



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