woman tear down face - smallWritten By: Amber Miller

“The Lord hears the cry of the poor.– Psalm 34

Why do human beings cry?

For infants, crying is an essential means of communicating. If they have a need, if they’re hurt or uncomfortable, or if they just miss mum and dad, babies cry. Despite what some parents might think, newborns don’t consciously think about this. It’s instinctual to cry and expect to be heard.

As we grow up, we learn more “concise” ways to express our feelings and communicate our needs. However, contrary to popular belief, the crying doesn’t end when we learn to talk. Despite having learned so much about language, communication and problem solving, I still find myself crying at least twice a week. I’m aware that not everyone cries this often, but I’m certain that anyone can think of at least one time in their adult life when they have been overcome by emotion, which spilled out in the form of tears. It’s okay to admit it. You’re not alone in this.

Crying sometimes signals to those around us that we are in need. There is absolutely no shame in admitting that. Sometimes our pain, our needs, or our desires are too deep to be expressed with words. And so we turn back to infancy, back to asking for help, back to admitting our dependence. We turn our hearts back to God (not necessarily consciously, but instinctively, as we have been created for Him). Our cries, from the depths of our hearts, are always heard by our Heavenly Father, Who has more compassion for us than a mother has for her helpless child.

But what happens when I don’t feel God’s arms surrounding me? What if my cries seem to go entirely unheard, by God or by others? This can be a very frustrating experience. The Saints often speak of the “dark night of the soul,” an experience of God that is likened to being blinded by the sun; you are too close to His brightness to see how close you are. Be assured that God is close to the broken-hearted. He does hear your cry, and He does care! And when we really need a physical, tangible encounter with Jesus, we can always find our Merciful and compassionate God in the Confessional.

It’s also important to remember that God gave us the amazing capacity to show compassion for others. Today, try to become more and more aware of how God wants to manifest His mercy in and through you! Maybe God will answer your prayers as you become the answer to someone else’s. God hears the sighs of our hearts, and He eagerly desires to show us His boundless Love.


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