imagine no religion - posterWritten By: Fr. Michael Simoes

As I have begun this third year of theology, one of the things that I have read in Papal Teachings on Social Justice that has really given me much to think about is a line from I think Pope John XXIII in his encyclical Mater et Magistra:

            “Separated from God a man is but a monster, in himself and toward others; for  the right ordering of human society presupposes the right ordering of man’s  conscience with God, who is Himself the source of all justice, truth and love.”

As I look at this quote now, 51 years after it was written, how prolific it was. Our mainstream society has literally removed God from it, and see what it has turned us into. We LEGALLY kill our children and we kill our elderly. The rest of our moral life is in the pits when “hooking up” is not only mainstream but promoted on college campuses. Conscience apparently means nothing when we have governments willing to infringe on them with unjust laws.

Yet, we look at this society and see God out of the picture and ask ourselves, what can we do, those of us who believe in God? And I think this is where we as a community of faith have to come together, always and everywhere to transform this society. Our words are not being listened to, arguments end with, “Let’s agree to disagree”, so we need our actions need to speak louder than our words. If they are willing to remove God from society then with all our hearts and minds as one we need to bring him back in the way we live our life.

This Thursday we begin the year of faith. One of the things I was reading on the Toronto Star website was an article about the division that has existed since the Second Vatican Council. And, although biased, it spoke of a reality that I could not disagree with.  This reality it spoke of about progressives and non-progressives, Conservative and Liberal all these labels that divide, we need to put them aside and as a Church fully reveal the ONE mystical Body of Christ.

This is my prayer for the year of faith, if we are to be evangelists like the apostles, then we need to be together on the same team for the one mission, the salvation of souls. Lets pray for unity in our divided congregations, that we may come together in faith and bring God back into a society that wants to remove Him.


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