christmas decorations blue - smallWritten By: David Gilbert

Sadly, saying “Merry Christmas” is considered to be politically incorrect because you might be offending someone. If you ask who is that “someone” is you will be told it is Jews, Muslims and people from other faiths and cultures. I find this odd since if I moved to Israel I would not be offended if people wished me a happy Yom Kippur because that is the culture there. I would actually feel included even though I am not a Jew.

The real people who are offended by the use of “Merry Christmas” are the bigoted secular atheists who wish to wipe out all signs and symbols of Christianity under the guise of being nice. The fact is that the United States, Canada, South America and Europe are all Christian societies and there wouldn’t be “The Holidays” at this time of year if it wasn’t for Christmas.

So the next time someone wishes you a “Happy Holidays” say right back to them “Merry Christmas”! Also, if you feel bold,  speak to the manager that “Happy Holidays” offends you since it is Christmas and they are disrespecting your Lord’s birthday.

Here is a Christmas song that I think is very good and touches on this subject.




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