man looking out window - smallWritten By: Lawrence Lam

In Chinese superstition, households would do a lot of cleaning on New Year’s Eve so that the home is ready for all the new luck that comes with a new year. Pragmatically, I suppose such a home would also be quite ready for guests for a New Year’s party. While visiting my hometown, I do get to visit a fair number of friends’ houses. I do tell them not to bother cleaning up just for my sake. I don’t expect much as I know how hard it is to keep my own place neat and tidy. How much more difficult when you have kids toys’ strewn all about!

One friend in particular really wanted me to see his new condo at its best and he put a lot of work into the interior design of it – the furniture, the lighting…he talked me through how hard it was to source some objects while others were clever repurposing of junk from Kijiji.

More important than how we keep our homes is how we keep our souls. Do we make ourselves a place welcome for the Holy Spirit – will He say “I love what you’ve done with the place” and want to hang around longer than for a fleeting visit? New Year’s is the exemplar time to do a reset on anything in life that is going the wrong way. With the Year of Mercy the Church additionally calls us all to clean house. It might not be presumptuous to think the Holy Spirit doesn’t mind a few toys strewn about, but just how impressive can we make His dwelling place within our hearts?

Happy and Blessed 2016!


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