Man praying in church - smallWritten by: Theresa Gilbert

I came across an article entitled “Proper Church Etiquette: A Public Witness of Faith” written by Bishop Arthur Serratelli. He writes about the importance of reverence in the house of God. A parallel is drawn to how people respond to the presence of Queen Elizabeth II. If people are expected to follow proper etiquette when meeting the Queen of England, how much more should we be expected to act properly when in the presence of Christ?

Bishop Serratelli explains:
When we come to church, we come to the Eucharist where this mystery of Christ’s dying and rising for us is made present. When we enter church, we are before Christ present to us in the Blessed Sacrament. Therefore, our reverence is not one of trembling or dread, cowering before a monarch whose power we fear. No! It is the hushed awe in the presence of a love too great for words. A love that inspires and lifts up. A love that draws us out of ourselves into the very life of God.

This article has been a good reminder to me to reflect on how I behave in Church. I invite you to do the same. Do I dress appropriately? Do I participate fully in the Mass or become distracted while also distracting others? Am I reverent before, during and after Mass?



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