presentation of maryWritten by: Fr. Jason Kuntz

Today we celebrate our Lady being taken by her parents to live in the temple and to be educated by the priests.

For the people of Israel, the temple was the House of God – the place where God dwelled upon earth.  The priests lived and worked in the presence of the Lord.

Our Lady was predestined from all eternity to become a new temple – for nine months it was within her womb that God dwelled.   In the Gospels Jesus refers to His body as the temple of the Lord – the place where God dwells among men on earth.  During the thirty years our Lord lived with our Lady in Nazareth, their home was a temple.  Mary lived and worked in the presence of God.

This time spent in the temple as a child was a fitting preparation for her vocation as the Mother of God – to be in the presence of God and to serve in the presence of God.

What more worthy person to enter God’s presence than Mary who is entirely pure and conceived without sin.   Let us ask her to pray for us sinners, that we may purify our hearts and make of them a worthy temple for Him to dwell when we receive Him in Holy Communion.



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