sad statue - smallWritten By: Sarah Gould

We’ve been going through a bit of a transition lately – recently having changed jobs and now contemplating a house move. Change can be fun, but it can also be daunting and scary. I go through phases myself – sometimes feeling okay with where life has us, followed closely by feeling worried that things will never settle down. It’s in those moments of fear that I know the Lord asks me to peacefully trust him – to disregard my senses in a way, and put all my confidence in his promises. But I find it very hard to pray when I’m in an emotionally charged place.

So lately, as we’ve been going through all kinds of upheaval, I’ve come to depend on some very simple prayers to pray in those moments when words fail me, that can bring peace back to my heart and mind. Allow me to share:

Jesus, Calm Me.
Seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? “Jesus, Calm Me” is one of the easiest prayers to pray, but it has been the hardest for me to remember. It had never occurred to me, growing up, to pray for calm and peace, but I can attest to the power of this prayer. I can feel the Lord take immediate action when I pray it, as it can clear out the confusion and hysteria that tends to take over in times of unrest. It also clears the way, mentally, for the next prayers.

Jesus, I Trust in You.
St. Francis de Sales famously said that one single act done with aridity of spirit was worth more than many done with feelings of devotion. So renewing our trust in God, when everything around us tells us we shouldn’t, is powerful. This simple prayer can help us remember that God’s in charge of our lives and that there is meaning to our suffering.

Thank you Jesus.
No matter what you’re going through, there are always good things in your life that are calling out for thanks and gratitude. Searching for the blessings and thanking God for them draws your attention to what you have instead of what you don’t, and it inspires the “attitude of gratitude” that can be the difference between feeling depressed and awful or hopeful and encouraged.

Jesus, Please…
How many times have I been so muddled from fear and confusion that I’ve been unable to articulate what it is that need or want. It’s when I’m calm and peaceful, when I’ve renewed my trust in the Lord and then thanked God for his blessings, that I’m able to clearly ask for what I need and want.   And God wants us to ask for what we need. He wants to give us everything good!

So sit back and watch the Lord work for you in times of need.   And if all else fails, we could always resort to the prayer attributed to Nabakov: Jesus, Do Something!


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