Written By: Sandra Walfisz

Many times we believe that the deeper we want to go into or feel something, the more complicated it needs to be. We forget that the strongest depth can be found in small and pure simplicity. Recently I was on a retreat where the topic was “Back to Basics” and while chatting with a few friends one of them brought up a very simple question: What image of Jesus Christ is your favourite/do you connect with most? I paused for a moment and thought that this wasn’t a question I typically asked myself. How do I see Christ? Who is He for me? Do I have an image of Christ that I connect with? Most people answered with the very well known and powerful images of the Divine Mercy Christ or the Crucified Christ. However, one answer stirred something in me. One of my friends happened to be holding a baby, and as he looked at her he described how to him the most powerful image is the Newborn Baby Jesus. The simple concept of how an all-powerful and mighty God humbled Himself and came down into the body of a newborn baby. Yet even in His small and helpless state His power was still beyond any capabilities.

When we think of something strong and powerful we typically think of something big in size. A hurricane, a giant, a large tall tree. Very rarely do we think of something small and simple. The same concept was believed by the Jews during the time of Christ’s birth. The Messiah was thought to be someone who would be big, strong and powerful. The last thing they expected was God to come as a small, helpless baby. Maybe that’s also why we don’t automatically think of God as a baby when we think of Him as strong and powerful. Ask yourself this: would I truly be able to feel God’s might and strength more if He came how the Jews originally believed He would? By coming in the smallest and most unexpected way, it allows us to truly appreciate the depth of His power.

Think back to a moment when you held a newborn baby. There is this incredibly strong surge flowing through you as you look at this small and delicate being, and it’s something so can’t fully grasp or understand. So much love and joy that you never thought would be possible in something so small. Christ always refers to the small and simple as having the most power. Having faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains (Luke 17:6), or becoming like children in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 18:3).

Take a moment to think about Christ as a baby. Can you picture Him? Can you picture what it would be like to hold Him and feel this incredible love and power from such a small and simple baby? Allow Him to remind you that you don’t always need to “go big and be big”. Sometimes the small and simple are full of more might than we ever imagined.


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