Written By: Tanya Granic Allen

A few weeks ago, Canadian Parliament passed a private members bill called M-103, or the Islamophobia Bill as it’s commonly referred.

This Bill seeks to outlaw any form of discrimination against Islam, or simply put, it seeks to outlaw Islamophobia. What the heck is that anyhow? The term is never described in the Bill so how does one even vote for something they cannot define?

The real problem with M-103 is that Islam is being singled out among all other religions, as requiring special protection. Somehow, Canadian MP’s have been sold on the idea that only Islam is the target of discrimination and violence in this country. This is simply not true. The Catholic Church, and Catholics as a whole in Canada are targeted with violence and hate equally if not much more than Muslims.

Apart from the continual mocking of Catholicism, Catholics are subject to a lot of “hate crimes”.

Just last week, a Catholic church in Toronto was set on fire with a small firebomb which was lobbed through a church window, just a short hour before Easter Sunday Masses were set to begin.

Two years ago, a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was vandalized three times in one month. Interestingly, the perpetrator was a Muslim.

I recall as a young girl attending Sunday Mass one morning only to see swastikas spray painted on the brick of the church. Oh and that was way before “Islamophobia” (or any phobias for that matter) existed.

These examples are mild when contrasted with the hate and murder acted upon the Catholics at the hands of Islamists.

Remember that nun who was murdered by Muslims, who were outraged that Pope Benedict commented on the violent nature of Islam? Talk about proving a theory correct.

I could go on. For days.

Why should critics thought and dialogue be silenced? Society should be able to have healthy and vigorous dialogue on Islam, or whatever subject matter, without fear of punishment from the government.

Islam shouldn’t be singled out to receive special protection when clearly there are other religions which experience discrimination and “hate”. If the politicians are going to give one religion special status, they ought to give it to all. Otherwise you’re actually promoting more discrimination.


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