Written By: Tanya Granic Allen

Who knew that kneeling would become a front page headline? After all the years I spent kneeling during Mass, not one headline ever came of it.

This week so many news stories have been dedicated to the Trump vs. the NFL national anthem drama that it’s hard to pay attention to anything else happening. (Did you know that on Sunday a masked gunman walked into a church in Tennessee and opened fire killing at least one, before being taken down by a parishioner who was packing? Yeah, didn’t think so, because it was barely covered.)

However the NFL players who have chosen to kneel during the pre-game national anthem are doing so to make a political statement.

Now I’m all for free speech, which is why I acknowledge the players’ right to protest in this manner. However these players ought to know, in the court of public opinion, they will lose.

Football fans attend the game to have a good time, to cheer on their team- not to witness political statements. Which is why I’m not surprised fans are now boycotting the NFL until these kneeling antics stop.

I think kneeling during the national anthem is the same as flag burning; it just ain’t right. It’s disrespectful to one’s country and shows disunity. And what exactly are they protesting anyhow? The President? The Country? Tom Brady’s previous use of deflated footballs?

The biggest reason I think people ought to protest America is for the millions of unborn children who have been killed in utero because of legalized abortion. Yet I seldom see any pro-lifers kneeling during the national anthem out of protest. Why? Because they have respect. So when they do protest, they do it in the streets at the doorstep of the US Congress, or at abortion clinics.

Certainly, Donald Trump has his quirks, and comes across bombastic at times (most of the time actually). However, he’s certainly not Hitler, Stalin, or Tito. People aren’t dying in Commo-Fascist labour camps. People aren’t being starved by the government sanctioned famines.

To me, NFL players taking a knee during the anthem is akin to a two-year old throwing a temper tantrum over being scolded. Therefore, unless these NFL players are protesting abortion, I would highly recommend they stand up, pay their respect to the country, and carry on with their job which is sport entertainment- not political grandstanding.

And if they truly want to take a knee, try doing it at Church sometime. Or in the adoration chapel. You’d be shocked at how effective it can be for the mind, soul, and frankly the country.


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