chopping wood - smallWritten By: Patrick Sullivan

I have no doubt that I have been called to help evangelize this culture. But as I stand here looking at one of my very old, broken down sheds, I don’t have any illusions either.

St. Francis was called in his time to help restore the Church, and it started with the realization that there was a little Church building right in front of him.  “Francis, rebuild my Church” is what God said to him, so Francis began his first construction project. God was calling the man to great things but Francis could only see the little things. Perhaps that is why he was chosen.

I think it is the opposite with most of us.

In our time we let the little things the little jobs the little acts of mercy the little moments of grace pass us by because we can only see the BIG catch.

YOU SEE in our time we are losing hold of the universal family because we are neglecting the little one found around our own hearth. In our time we are having trouble building the universal Church because we are not doing all we can to build our little parishes.

I have a shed in front of me. Perhaps if I fix it; if I replace all of the boards and straighten out its walls; if I attend to the little things right in front of me; maybe, just maybe, it will help you too.


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