our-lady-of-graceWritten By Madeleine Gubbels

I was once in the company of a very holy priest. From where we sat, we had a view of a garden in which a statue of our Lady stood. Her head was bowed, her palms open, and underneath her feet lay a snake.

I had been discussing with this priest how to lead a holy life. He gestured to our Lady and said:

“Do you see how she stands, with her head bowed and her arms extended and her hands unclenched? A perfect image of humility and receptivity and total openness to our Lord. She is the very image of peace, yet underneath her feet lies a snake. She has not broken a sweat, she has used no violent force, yet under her feet lies Satan conquered. To live a holy and happy life, all we need is to imitate our Lady’s perfect obedience and self-surrender to God.”


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