jesus crucified - smallWritten by: Patrick Sullivan

Many people suffer in silence. Sometimes these people suffer quietly because they feel ashamed of the event that caused them to suffer. Some people blame themselves. Some people just think that if they never tell anyone about their suffering then it will go away. Other people suffer in silence because they believe the lie that they have no right to feel the way they do.

Regardless of their reasons people are suffering all around the world and in your very neighbourhood, at your workplace and within your very family. And I am willing to bet that if you truly knew the extent of their suffering you would be moved to act. I am convinced of that.

Christians should know better than anyone else what it means to suffer, not because we suffer more than others but because that is what our God came to transform and give meaning to. When Jesus died on the cross for you and me He gave new meaning to pain, loneliness, depression, anxiety and everything else that causes people to question their lives. By choosing to save us through suffering He changed what suffering can do; it can make us one with our God.

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