Girl sitting in field sad - smallWritten by: Raph Ma

Our emotional states trouble us sometimes.  Sometimes, we think it’s our fault, or that we can’t control it, and we would rather just get rid of them.

But God in His providence wills what is best for us, all the time. That includes our emotional states too.

Here’s an easy test we can apply in this situation:

1)      Does God know this is happening?

2)      Can He make it different?

3)      Is He making it different or changing it?

Instead of something we should try to ignore, God wants us to experience these emotional states, and learn something from it.

Loneliness is one such emotional state.

Many people say “it must be so hard to be a priest, you must feel so lonely”, or “I could never be a priest, I couldn’t live with the loneliness”.

What do we often think the solution to loneliness is?  If I find that special someone who will “understand me”, then I won’t be lonely.  While this is true in some regards, it doesn’t solve the problem of loneliness. If it were the case, married people would never feel loneliness, but they too can feel alone at times. A married person shared this experience of a dispute – “you never feel so lonely as when the person you share a bed with isn’t talking to you… it’s like a wall of ice”

Why is this?  Why must we all feel alone at times?

God made us this way.  He knows that if we could find that one person who “completely understands us” – we would.  But we cannot find someone like this, there is always some things about us we can’t explain in a way someone else will get.  Instead of going everywhere, looking for someone to understand me when I am lonely, maybe I should turn to the One who is everywhere, and accept His support.

God has made a part of our soul that no person can satisfy, except the 3 persons of the Blessed Trinity.  In other words, He has made a part of our soul for Himself.

In a hidden, beautiful way, this emotional state is a gift, a little reminder that we depend entirely on Him.



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