Woman laying in money - smallWritten By: David Gilbert

It is unavoidable. You hear about it on TV, facebook, blogs, newspapers and radio. People are occupying the financial districts while protesting against the 1% of the rich.

There are several things that make me very uncomfortable about this situation and what the protestors are demanding.

First, if you look at who is taking part in the protests you will find there are Communists, Neo-Nazis, Marxists, Atheists and Anarchists. This alone is something to make any rational, freedom loving person uneasy. Also, they are demanding a redistribution of wealth and instating a Communist form of government (socialist at best).

I agree that something needs to be done and there is no denying that these protestors have a right to be angry but their focus and attention are in the wrong direction.

It is not Wall Street that is to blame (though, yes they have become greedy). It is the Central Banks that are printing money (which is devaluing your savings and causes inflation) and then giving it to the government who then gives it to the companies. It is the Central Banks and the government they should be protesting about.

The problem is not the income gap or the 1% controlling most of the wealth. Most of the wealth this 1% has is invested back into the economy which gives it the much needed capital to create jobs – very little of it is spent on personal consumption. Also, it doesn’t matter how much Bill Gates is making compared to me. If it does matter, then we’ve fallen into envy. What should matter is how the poor is being treated.

We have all seen what happens when mobs demand redistribution of wealth – stealing. There is chaos, death and tyranny. Communism had its days – they were bloody and the people were poorer. There was a reason why Communism collapsed and millions of people died under its grip. It doesn’t work.  Jesus said “For the poor you have always with you” – Matthew 26:11.

The real issue is how the poor of our society is being treated. We (Western Society) have become too dependent on the state to solve all our problems. We have become a people who have a sense of entitlement.

The poor does not need a redistribution of wealth or government handouts – there is no dignity in that. What they need are hand-ups! The poor need jobs and to be treated fairly. The problem with us is that we expect the government to look after the poor. We have an attitude of “I pay my taxes so I don’t worry about the poor – the government will look after them”. There is no dignity in that. We are social beings. Where’s the human side of it?

Jesus did not tell us to give our money to Caesar and let Caesar look after the poor. No! Christ told us to look after the poor! Yet, we are allowing the government to rob us of our Christian duty that Christ asked us to do!

We need to turn to Christ for help and not to Caesar. The solution is Christ, the helping hand is you. The problem isn’t Wall Street or the super-rich – it is this sense of entitlement, a loss of faith and our own inability/unwillingness to help those in need.



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