Fresh veggies- smallWritten By: Joanne Matters

The pursuit of my passion for the power of nutrition to prevent and heal disease has been an exercise in dodging New Age philosophies at almost every turn.

Since I enrolled at a holistic nutrition school in late 2009, I have found myself sitting with classmates, young and not-so-young, who have been influenced by the New Age Movement to a greater or lesser extents.

Many of the instructors are influenced by New Age thinking as well, though it is usually not blatant and 90% of the program is based on solid science.

You only have to pick up popular nutrition magazines to see that, sadly, this is a field largely dominated by the New Age mentality, though you will find some really excellent information on the nutritional needs of the body contained within their pages.

I have said from the start that I want to claim the field of nutrition for Christ. I have felt all along that there is no reason for this field to be dominated by New Age thinking and beliefs, possibly discouraging faithful Catholics from even considering nutrition consulting as a valuable tool in alternative healthcare.

I have met the nicest people in my nutrition classes, who have the biggest hearts for helping people. But, they are deceived by the lure of New Age thinkers who purport that you and I are god, there is no right or wrong, enlightenment comes when you have reached a place of neutrality on everything, there is no room for judgement and certainly no room for organized religion.

The fact is that Jesus is the only One Who said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)

There is a place for the field of nutrition within our Catholic Faith Tradition. It is right to honour our bodies, the temples of the Holy Spirit, by learning how we were made and what nutrients our bodies need to perform optimally while avoiding disease and illness.

Please pray for me and pray for all, including many of our Catholic brothers and sisters, who have been deceived by the subtle influences of the New Age Movement through yoga, Reiki, A Course in Miracles, crystals, pendulums, energy medicine, positive thinking techniques, meditation that focuses on breathing instead of Jesus, labyrinth and many other practices.

I encourage all to become very familiar with New Age teaching and language in order to recognize it and not be drawn in.


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