Written By: Tanya Granic Allen

Can you imagine a time when no Catholic can become a doctor or a nurse? Can you imagine a time when your Catholic friend who practices medicine is forced out of his/her profession because they follow their conscience?

Sadly this time is upon us.

At the beginning of WW2, Hitler ordered a program which supervised the killing of young children and babies who showed signs of mental retardation. This program was further expanded to include older children and adults who were disabled, mentally, chronically or terminally ill, or who had an incurable condition. These deaths were carried out under the direct supervision of doctors themselves.

Does this type of program sound familiar in Canada? If it doesn’t, it should.

Last year our federal government passed legislation allowing “medical assistance in dying”, a euphemism for doctor assisted suicide. Some doctors who previously helped sustain and preserve life, have now turned on their Hippocratic Oath to heal, and instead kill.

Even though there exists protection for conscience rights for health care workers in this federal legislation, it is up to the provinces to administer health care. What this means is it is up to the provinces to carry out the protection of conscience rights for doctors. The Ontario government is one of the provinces which has a problem granting conscience rights for doctors.

Bill 84 is currently before the Ontario Legislature. If passed, it will NOT protect doctors and health care workers who refuse to refer patients to be killed. It does not protect the conscience of health care workers. It forces them to comply with killing/ murder.

If passed, Bill 84 will effectively force out of the nursing and medical profession all Catholics who obey their conscience and who do not refer patients to be killed. This purging of the health care system of those who truly want to save lives, who truly want to be instruments of healing, is wrong. It is wrong for a government to force doctors and nurses to carry out actions which violate their conscience.

I guess it’s true what they say, that history repeats itself. Silly me for thinking that our society had learned our lesson.


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