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In my last post, I touched on my experience in the study of Nutrition and how I find it to be a field greatly influenced by New Age philosophies.

I have since had a conversation with a devout Catholic friend on this topic that made me realize that I cannot assume people know what the term “New Age” means or that they have even heard of it.

I think this speaks to how widespread New Age practices have become in our culture, but it also speaks to the fact that New Age philosophies do not fit under one neat definition.

Itʼs more an umbrella term that covers a broad range of thought and beliefs, drawing on Hinduism, Buddhism and Eastern Mysticism mostly, but also taking concepts from Christianity, including Catholicism.

For instance, in one of my textbooks for a course called “Psychology of Disease”, there are two chapters devoted to linking the chakras to the “Christian sacraments.” What are chakras, you might wonder?

Rooted in Hindu and Buddhist metaphysics, the seven chakras are considered traditional energy centers of the astral body, a subtle energy plane that coexists with the physical body.

The connection to Nutrition is that these chakras and energy centers are thought to explain illness while pointing us in the direction of healing.

This is not our belief as Catholics. And the fact that the author links chakras to the Seven Sacraments is a grave  misunderstanding of Truth. But, isnʼt that what the Devil does best? He takes Truth and shifts it just a bit, so itʼs unsuspecting victims easily fall prey.

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires.” (2 Tim 4:3)

Please take a moment to listen to this audio by Fr. Mitch Pacwa S.J., who has a series of clear teachings on the New Age and how it has influenced many Catholics, and what to avoid. If you can only listen to one, I’d recommend #6.


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