pro-choice-christiansWritten By: David Gilbert

As Christians we are called to love and protect life. To hold to the belief that abortion is acceptable or OK in “certain circumstances” goes against our call to love and uphold the dignity and sanctity of life. Abortion is a violation of God’s commandment – thou shalt not kill – and a hatred or at best a disregard for life.

The Nativity story is a story of a crisis pregnancy: Mary was not married, there was a threat of her being stoned to death for being pregnant and not married, Joseph could have left her, Mary and Joseph had to flee from Herod, and they did not have a lot of money. These are all the classic arguments people give when having an abortion and God shows, through the Holy Family, that these excuses don’t matter. Abortion under no circumstances is valid.

Below is a poster that is thought provoking. It shows on one hand the lack of love, faith and hope in the pro-choice mindset. On the other if this situation played out in the same way today the reason for Christmas might have been aborted.



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