mass-dont-leave-earlyWritten By: David Gilbert

During the Christmas holidays I was in Quebec visiting family over New Years. When I was there we went to Mass. The sad thing that I saw (besides the congregation being small and all grey haired at best) was that people were leaving before the Mass had ended.

Now I know this tradition of leaving Mass early to get out of the parking lot first and off to the rest of our day is a Catholic pastime in most (if not all) parishes. It makes me stop and wonder if those people truly grasp what just took place. They just consumed our Lord. Body, blood, soul and divinity they consumed Him. The Creator of the universe, the Word made flesh just entered their body! Wow amazing!

This time after receiving our Lord in the Eucharist we are called to pray, give thanks and contemplate what extraordinary thing just took place…

Just be thankful you don’t have him celebrating the Mass  😉




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