Written By: Catherine Spada

I share this today from a mother’s heart for the love of Mary the Mother of The Church as we celebrate this Feast today.

I had an insight this morning following Mass and Confession, that Mary’s womb is the Church, and that the Church exists in the fragility and shelter as if carried in the security of a mother’s womb. Entrusted completely to the protection of Her Son. The visitation marks the profound point of homage paid to this first home and dwelling of Christ.  Fostering a community of worship which included the faith of Joseph. The house of our Lord first recognized as deserving of praise occurred while in the womb. “Blessed is the fruit of thy womb” what we call most Blessed, and where we encounter the fruit of Her womb is in the Church. The Holy Spirit descending in the Annunciation is the manifestation of its obscurity, it’s revelation is the outpouring of it in the upper room. Received there, Mary present, the fruit of Her womb, that sweet and blessed fruit renewing a gift of life in His Mother, with instruction there to forgive sins, as they went forth from the room, a completion of the prayer “Holy Mary Mother of God Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of death” this is echoed in the upper room this the petition made first there. To Mary is the entrusting of great mercy on all the Church and world. In Her the necessary and ultimate recourse. The church exists not solely under the maternal and gentle care of a mother, but in the most sacred dwelling place where all human life begins and receives its being. Nothing, except God Himself, came into being without passing through a womb, and nothing will return to Him without passing through the Holy Mother’s womb. Receiving the fullness of fruit. In the tabernacle we observe the hiddenness of the womb, in transubstantiation is the revelation of Christ’s fullness, the workings of the Holy Spirit. In every Mass we join the upper room.

More profound is the recognition that in Her womb passes Her Immaculate Heart mingled with the heartbeat of Christ’s Most Sacred Heart. Sharing for a time one body present and necessary, in union always within the Body of the Church.


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