Married couple sitting in pew - smallWritten by: Mike McCann

There has been a blog post circulating recently on Facebook from a husband, entitled “Marriage Isn’t For You,” a rather provocative title to grab the attention of avid blog readers. I’m sure many women gasped before they clicked the article, and I’m sure that many men were puzzled before doing the same. However, the post proved to be a rather inspiring, heartfelt recount of the change of heart that a young husband had towards the idea of committing his life to a woman. It has been widely approved, and indeed the sentiments that the young man expresses are quite admirable. However, this link is the simple, yet eloquent response to the young husband.

Young Jeremy, a seminarian, makes a valuable point: marriage is NOT about making your spouse happy, it’s about getting your spouse to heaven, and bringing him/her closer to God. In other words, your marriage is for God. As someone who has discerned the call to the married life, I want with all my heart to bring my future spouse closer to Christ, and to be with her in heaven at the end of the age.

Pray without ceasing!



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