To do list - smallWritten by: Fr. Jason Kuntz

When we begin a new year, it is common to make resolutions.  As Christians we ought to make resolutions very often, in order to grow in our spiritual life.  How can we make better resolutions?

First – we ought to make few resolutions.  If we make too many we will never be able to fulfill them all, and will become discouraged.  We grow in the spiritual life step by step.  While we should make few resolutions our goal should be to keep them very faithfully.

Second – we ought to make resolutions that are specific and concrete.   We could all say to ourselves:  “This year I will love more.”  But this resolution is completely useless – Who do we need to love more?  How will we love them better?  Examples of more concrete resolutions are:  “I need to listen more carefully when my husband and children are speaking with me.”   Or “I need to help my wife more with chores around the house.”  “I am going to be more patient with my co-workers.”

Third – we need a way to review our progress.  It is no good to make resolutions and then forget about them.  All Christians ought to make an examination of conscience every day before going to bed.   We need to review our lives in light of the ten commandments and our own concrete resolutions.

This year let us make effective resolutions.  Let us make a serious effort to grow in the spiritual life.


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