couple in ally - smallWritten By: Kathleen Dunn

Being engaged is much more than preparing for the wedding reception. It is about preparing for the vows that take place at the ceremony and lived out for the rest of the couple’s lives.

Preparing for marriage is an overwhelming experience. And I don’t just mean the wedding. Between the phone calls to venues, dress fittings, and food tastings, preparing for marriage while preparing for the wedding is often last on the list. But when we truly consider the great sacrament that is taking place before the grand reception, it is essential to devote oneself to spiritually preparing for the vows that will be said during the ceremony and for the rest of the couple’s lives.

As a recently engaged woman (yippee!), my fiancé and I have spoken much about the great responsibility that comes with the joy of being married: vowing to give your whole life in service of the other – and actually living out this promise. This vow is one that requires great sacrifice and much personal preparation, more than we can imagine. This is why we knew we needed extra guidance in preparing for this holy vocation. So, we decided to read Karol Wojtyla’s Love and Responsibility as an engagement venture. So far, it has been an incredible journey, as the late Pope John Paul II teaches us about the real meaning of love, how it develops, and how to use it properly. He even covers the importance of natural family planning. Yes, love is a great gift that brings many joys. But with every great privilege, there must come a responsibility – and that’s what we need to prepare ourselves for as we enter the sacrament of marriage. We have a lot to learn from the holy Karol Wojtyla! But we are so thankful for this book as it will guide us towards and through the vocation of marriage.

As we see more and more marriages falling apart in our society, I would encourage any couples – new, old, and even single people – to read Love and Responsibility. Every chapter brings together a whole new perspective in how we view our relationships with each other, and with God. With each page, I am captivated by love’s great depth and what a gift love truly is. The wealth of wisdom that Karol Wojtyla has on the subject of marital love is incredible, being unmarried himself! But it is through his devotion to marriage counseling, spiritual direction and his saintly grace that he conveys the beauty of marital love so precisely.  Love is certainly one of the most talked about, sung about and written about subjects in all areas of media. But this book is one of the few places that will give you the sought after truth about love in all its glory and all its responsibilities.



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