Written By: David Gilbert

Lent is a time to get spiritually fit by detaching ourselves from the worldly things that distract us from God and to increase our prayer and virtue.

Wherever you are Jesus Christ wants to encounter you there. However, He doesn’t want you to remain there but take you further.

Become the person God created you to be. Be a Saint. Only Saints are in Heaven.

Trying to be a saint in today’s society is a struggle and can be lonely. It can be lonely because people don’t see the value in virtue, or if they do, they don’t have the will to work hard at it.

Grace is a gift from God but we need to cooperate with that grace. It is important to note the careful balance between God’s grace and our cooperation. Apart from God we can do nothing, and apart from our effort God cannot work in our lives. Both God’s grace and our effort are required.

Many times cooperating with God’s grace is difficult since it is contrary to what society and others say, think and act, or it might also be contrary to what we want to do. So it is uncomfortable. We do not like discomfort or to suffer because our modern secular society has told us that suffering is the worst thing that can happen to someone. This is why we have abortion and euthanasia.

If Our Lord suffered – Who’s flesh was torn, friends abandoned Him, was mocked and nailed to a cross. If our Saviour suffered then what makes us think that we shouldn’t suffer in order to gain eternal life?

Lent is an excellent time to refocus on what is truly important – our souls. It is a great time to build virtue and to root out vice.

May your Lent will be spiritually fruitful.


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