Written By: Sandra Walfisz

We all hear the common phrase “keep Christ in Christmas” during the season of Advent. It serves as a great reminder that preparing for Christmas is not about the hustle and bustle in the stores or cooking the finest meal, but it is about the true meaning, which is the birth of our Saviour. But Christ shouldn’t just be kept in Christmas, Christ should be kept in our everyday as our constant.

If we think about the word “constant” it is something that is consistent, stable and not dependent on external factors. It always stays the same, never changing. With the year coming to an end, this tends to be a pretty crazy time for many of us. Some may even feel a sense of chaos or discouragement as December hits. It’s easy to let external chaos seep in and create internal chaos. We get stressed more easily, don’t think straight with our minds overflowing with things to do, or may even want to close off from the world until this time passes.

When you are on a boat and start to feel sea sick from the rocking back and forth you are supposed to look at the horizon because it is a stable focal point and it will bring down that nauseating feeling. What is your horizon? What is your stable focal point? The one thing that is always a constant in our lives is Christ. When you make Him your focal point it’s like being in the eye of a hurricane. Everything is intense and storming around you, but you are in a moment of calmness and peace. In that moment it no longer matters how dark the clouds are or how strong the wind is, because you are in a true serenity that is not dependent on any external factors.

Keeping Christ as our constant brings our awareness back to the true meaning and reminds us of the bigger picture. It takes the focus off of us and our rocky boats, and turns it back to Him as our horizon. So don’t just keep Christ in Christmas…but keep Christ as your Constant.


If publishing article online please attribute source Serviam Ministries with link to original article.



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