Written By: Michael Smolders

When I see a Nazi flag, I don’t have an emotional response.  However, I do understand that someone of Jewish heritage would react very differently.  The Nazi flag is not just a political symbol, it is an ideological declaration.  It’s fair and just that we don’t allow Nazi flags to fly in public spaces.

When I see a Confederate flag, I don’t have an emotional response.  However, I understand that someone of African American heritage would react very differently.  The Confederate flag is not just a geographical symbol, it has been used to declare racial supremacy.  It’s fair and just for the United States to remove the Confederate flag from public spaces.

When I see a Pride flag, I have an emotional response.  I understand that people have the right to choose their own lifestyle, but being opposed to that lifestyle, I react very differently.  The Pride flag is not just a human rights symbol, it is sexual orientation propaganda.  It is unfair and unjust for public school boards to fly the Pride flag.

In no way, is this an attack on homosexuals.  Everyone is entitled to live the life they feel will bring them happiness and I’m still far too heavy on the sinner side of the holiness scale to be preaching about other people’s choices.

But I’m confused, and I feel helpless.  I drive along the streets of Mississauga and see rainbow flags flying in front of elementary schools and I’m feeling mocked and insulted.  A school board that makes it illegal for teachers to tell children that “God” put a rainbow in the sky after a flood, instead raises a rainbow above a Kindergarten playground to promote a type of sex.

A school board who wants to protect children from seeing the greatest act of love in the form of a cross is the same board that teaches their children to salute the symbol of the deadliest of sins; pride.

God gave us free will.  Modern man has used that free will to build a social structure diametrically opposed to God’s will and then takes away other man’s free will to reject it.

As Catholics, we can’t be naïve.  There is legitimate bullying and discrimination that takes place because of a person’s look, way of acting and sexual preferences.  Many traditional marriage activists are truly bigots and couldn’t even properly articulate why homosexuality is dangerous to a person’s soul and society at large.  However, just because these people are inadequately informed, doesn’t mean they are wrong.

For others who respect the objective teachings of the Catholic Church and have taken the time to philosophically and theologically understand the concept of love, family and community, the Pride flag is equivalent to a skull and cross bones.  The pirates are plundering the social institutions and taking the children hostage.

Homosexuality is wrong because it is fully opposed to the psychological, societal, biological, familial and spiritual order of creation.  I have no interest in explaining that to a gay person and I’m certainly not going to fly a flag to declare it.  I would appreciate the same respect and ask that a pro-gay ideology doesn’t flap above our children’s educational institutions.

Growing up in a small town, we had a boy that was very effeminate.  We were very mean to him.  We called him names and mocked the way he looked and acted.  After high school, he moved to a city and openly expressed his homosexuality.  A few years ago, I looked him up on social media and was able to message him.  I apologized for treating him poorly and asked for his forgiveness.  He thanked me for the message and forgave me.

It wasn’t seeing a rainbow flag that propelled me to make that act of reconciliation; it was the Gospel.  Let us pray that in the near future, our society will once again give our children an opportunity to freely choose Jesus Christ instead of forcing them to accept a lifestyle that He opposes.

God bless!


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