Written By: Diana Nega

On my current trip to Poland, I decided to go to a weekday evening mass. I was quite surprised with how many young people there were in the church. I looked around and saw men and women who came to mass because they wanted to be there. Not out of obligation or tradition.

It made me think about how often during the weekday masses back in Canada, were I was the only young person in the church.

What happened? What is the difference between the European church and the North American church? Why do young people here in Europe still go to mass?

As I started to think about this, I started to realize a few things.

In North America, we have been lied to: “We don’t have enough time”

I hear this all the time, that we just don’t have enough time to try and make it to mass throughout the week. We are overworked and are always in a rush.

This might be our reality, that we are overworked and in a rush. But lets look at it a little differently. Why is work and other things more important God?

We all have 24 hours in our day. It’s about how we spend that time. Why not take a half an hour of our day and go to daily mass?

Another reason why I think that the church in North America is dying out is because of our approach to the church. We are Catholic just by name and it isn’t something that we take seriously.  I have heard it many times, “Mass is something that old grandmothers do.”

The crisis is evident within our pews, less and less people are going to mass (Weekday and Sundays).

But our faith is more than just tradition and Sunday obligation. It’s the everyday choice that we have to make to fully live it out authentically. To truly live it out, we have to want to be with God. And what better way to do that then to go and receive Him in the Eucharist.

As practicing Catholics, I urge you to go to weekday mass as often as you can go. Pray for our church, that it may grow in strength.

Let us encourage our young people to come to mass. They are the future of the church!

The future starts TODAY, not tomorrow! ~ Pope John Paul II


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