Written By: Tanya Granic Allen

Is communism back in vogue? Apparently so, that is if you ask the millennial generation. As a disclaimer, my DOB puts me on the cusp of being included in that millennial cohort.

For the hordes of millennials who so ardently supported socialist Senator Bernie Sanders in the US presidential Democratic primaries last year, well that wasn’t a blip. Millennials are fully embracing communism.

Perhaps in search of a cause, or a direction to their often referred to ‎self-absorbed, lazy, and irresponsible generation, millennial are desperate to grasp onto something. Sadly, they are grasping onto Marxism in the form of groups like Antifa.

Antifa, which stands for “anti-fascist” is anything but. It has roots in communism. This anarchist and violent group appears to have taken hold of the millennial generation. By shouting, kicking, punching anyone with an alternate viewpoint, Antifa steamrolls anyone in its way. One quick look at photos from the Berkley University protests will show you just how fascist these Antifa people really are.

But why Communism? Communism was the leading ideological cause of death in the 20th century. Researchers put the body count at close to 150,000,000 and growing. That’s a lot of zeros and a lot of lives. So how can millennials be so naive to embrace an ideology which was responsible so much death?

No wonder Our Lady, when appearing to the children in Fatima 100 years ago‎, warned of the evils of communism and “Russia will spread her errors throughout the world”. I used to think that the world had sort of satisfied Our Lady in the Cold War and that Communism was on its way out. Clearly I was wrong.

‎Perhaps I’m a little more sensitive than some of the millennials. My father left a country which was under communist rule, where life was definitely not easy. People were starved, kidnapped, labour camped, and were killed if they didn’t conform. Next week, I will be participating in a commemoration of Bleiburg, a genocide which commenced after WW2 had ended in 1945, where at the hands of Tito’s communists, over 700,000 men, women, children, elderly, and religious were killed.

As a society, we must firmly resist any leaning towards the deadly communist ideology. That means educating the millennials on the truth of Antifa and the crimes of communism, rather than allowing a romantic fantasy to surround it.


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