Married couple women putting ring on man's finger - smallWritten by: Niki Lau

When I started taking a more serious look at my faith I began to listen to Professor Janet Smith. What she said about the importance of marriage really stuck out to me. God is the source of all life, all love. He wants spouses to love each other in the same way He loves, and that is fully, with commitment and without limits.

When I was director of a crisis pregnancy center girls would come in, shame-faced and sad, telling me that they got pregnant “by accident”. It struck me as the most bewildering thing. They had done everything right to get pregnant! It is the cause and the effect of a natural order. Something went right, not wrong.

People say the way to correct this – getting pregnant “by accident” – is to throw condoms at teens and tell them to be “safe”. But this is misguided logic. We need to enable people to think correctly. Give them real tools to think through a decision using their intellect rather than their feelings.

What do you want out of life? A meaningful partnership and true love (ie. fully, with commitment and without limits), or a series of flings that only make you dependent on feeling good? What we have here is a beautiful opportunity to spread good news, that we are worthy of real love rather than the counterfeit.  Sure, you can have a real relationship with another person that involves sex before marriage, but what I’m saying here is, a real relationship is 100% guaranteed without sex before marriage. And in a world of increasing odds against successful marriages, that is where I’m placing my bet on.



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