Written By: Sandra Walfisz

I came across this quote from Bishop Fulton Sheen and it really made me think: “The reason we are not as happy as saints is because we do not wish to be saints.” Seems like quite a daring quote to make, but try and keep your mind open as you keep reading.

I want you to ask yourself these questions and truly reflect on your answer:

  • Do I desire to be a saint? How much do I really desire it?
  • Do I desire to be a saint as much as I desire the air I breathe?
  • Do I thirst to be a saint as much as I thirst water for my body?

Psalm 63:1 describes a true longing for God. “Like a dry, worn-out, and waterless land, my soul is thirsty for you” (Psalm 63:1). Is that how much you truly desire an eternal life with God in your life?

It’s not a matter of how hard is it to get to heaven, but how badly do you want to get to heaven. Jesus Christ himself said that for God nothing is impossible, but we have to want it. Think back to the blind man who called for Jesus as he passed through Jerusalem (Matthew 20:29-34). When Jesus asked him, “What do you want me to do for you”, the blind man knew with all his heart what he desired and he desired that more than food or water. When I was in Jerusalem, I was able to get a clearer picture of what that begging spot looked like. The gates of old Jerusalem was a very crowded spot where a lot of people were constantly passing through. The closer the beggars were to the gates, the denser the traffic of people, which gave them better opportunities to get money from those walking by. There would be lines of beggars all the way back in hopes of a spot closer to the gates, and only if someone left their spot would they be able to move closer up. This man was right by the gates when he saw Jesus walking through, a spot he might’ve waited days or weeks to get. He left his begging spot without a second thought and ran to Christ. This could have meant that he might not be able to get enough money to eat for a whole day, or a few days even by losing that spot. That didn’t matter to him. His desire to run to Christ to give him sight was stronger. He truly longed and thirsted for God’s healing in his life.

God will help us, but we have to know what we want, and want it with every cell in our bodies. It needs to be as strong or even stronger than how much we want air to breathe and water to drink. We need to run to Him with that desire. Drop everything and just run to Him, and he will satisfy that thirst.

Desire to be saints with all your heart and soul, and then strive to be those saints! It’s worth it!


If publishing article online please attribute source Serviam Ministries with link to original article.



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