By: David Gilbert

Since the Tsunami in Japan a lot of people have been asking “How can God do such a thing?” or “If there is a loving God how can something like this happen?”

To answer this sweet and short: God can never be taken as the cause of Evil. Why? Because God is Love. And because God is love He cannot will something evil.

Now God does permit evil to happen but it is to bring about a greater good.  (Notice that God permits evil to happen in His creation but he is NOT the cause of evil.) God wants us to freely participate in His plan and wants us to use our free will to overcome evil.

What happened in Japan is nothing short of a tragedy but what comes out of all of this (whether good or evil) is yet to be seen. As Fr. Barron says “It’s next to impossible to ever fully read the full consequences of an act or an event. What appears to us to be as simply good and simply evil; given the way things unfold is never all that clear.”

Only time will tell. Once we have passed on from this world, and by God’s Grace we are with Him in heaven, we will then be able to see God’s divine plan in everything – including the disaster in Japan.



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