man-praying-smallWritten by: Lawrence Lam

As we head into the Triduum, it seems as if this has been one of the quickest Lents helped by all the events surrounding Benedict XVI’s resignation and the election of Pope Francis. The unprecedented nature of these events has been a refreshing reminder that as much the Church is traditional, she is also in renewal; and observing the paving of history, she is a beacon dynamically leading the world toward the Lord.

The media has been eager to report on the alleged unprecedented changes in Pope Francis’ style (perhaps already forgetting his resemblances to John Paul I and John Paul II). Pope Francis, himself, while acknowledging himself as his own man, emphasized solidarity with the idea that the Church is a 2000-year old continuum, which is not the personal property of whoever is the Pope of that respective era. While visiting the Pope Emeritus, he told Benedict, “We’re brothers,” opting to pray alongside him rather than at an exalted dedicated kneeler. Images such as these are not breaks with the traditional papal roles but rather refreshing, loving ways to deal with unprecedented situations.

I hope you have all had a blessed Lent and that the leadership of Pope Francis will help to inspire renewal in your faith (and mine too). As we wrap up our Lenten sacrifices, emerge with new devoutness and new rejoicing in the Lord!

Have a blessed Triduum and Easter.



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