good guys wear blackWritten By: David Gilbert,

This past week there have been two disturbing instances that have greatly disturbed me in two separate Dioceses. One is a priest who during his homily spoke about the Church`s teaching on homosexuality. During his homily a parishioner stood up and started yelling at the priest and then left the church, however, he stayed around afterwards to continue to confront the priest and proceeded to tell him that he will “destroy him”.

The second is a priest who one morning realized that the sign on the parish hall which the Knights of Columbus are in charge of. These Knights of Columbus had the audacity to put up a sign on the parish hall denouncing in a most disgusting manner, their Pastor. After Mass they were asked by some parishioners to remove it. They refused. Those parishioners got a ladder and cut through the lock to remove the sign. Meanwhile a  cohort of people denounced the pastor , the Pope , and the Latin Mass.

This is just a taste of what goes on every day in Dioceses across the world. We need to support and pray for our priests. The Devil hates our priests and Satan is working overtime with even the supposed “faithful” attacking them.

St. John Marie Vianney, Patron Saint of Priests, pray for us and our priests!



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