bed time prayers - smallWritten By: Lawrence Lam

Dear Godparents, how do you raise your toddler?

Today marks the second baptism anniversary of my Goddaughter Elizabeth. I have two Godchildren – I’ve mentioned my Godson before. Ensuring the spiritual upbringing of my Godchildren is something that I try to take very seriously. Right from the start, our pastor entreated us to these minimal responsibilities: remember the baptism date and treat it like a birthday – bring out the baptism candle and light it briefly, have cake; if out of town, make a phone call and be present in your Godchild’s life. If we can’t meet these most basic chores, he threatened to white out our names from the baptismal certificate and find more suitable Godparents

A toddler is just barely getting adjusted to the world. My godchildren’s parents are regular churchgoers and do their best to maintain a steady catholic home. I’d like to be the best Godfather I can be but I wonder what more I can do to imbue a sense of the spiritual as Elizabeth gets better acquainted with the world. I can’t exactly read her the Summa, and her parents have their hands full teaching her to go potty, learn the alphabet, etc…

Here’s where I’d like some advice from the comment boxes. What kinds of things do you do with your Godchildren at a young age?


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