Written By: Sandra Walfisz

God please show me a sign! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve uttered that phrase in complete desperation to know what God wants of me. By sign, I usually wanted God to send a bright neon sign with a flashing arrow saying “GO THIS WAY”. When I would pray, it’s almost as if I was making it so easy for God to answer my prayer because I would pretty much tell Him exactly how I wanted Him to answer me. I did all the work for Him, all He needed to do is snap His fingers and make it happen. Seems pretty funny when I actually write my thoughts out to you, but I can bet that I am not the only one who has thought this way before or has been caught up in frustration because I keep waiting for a sign that I am not getting.

Signs are great and beautiful, and yes they do happen as answers to prayers, but if we pray with the intention of “we need to see this sign or that sign” we miss the whole point. To know God’s will and path for us doesn’t necessarily mean that we will pray and get a sign of where to go. God will answer our prayers, no doubt, but he will answer them in a way that He knows we will understand best or need to hear it, and at the time that He knows we are ready for it. If we only focus on waiting for a specific sign, we just might miss the answer we are waiting for that is right in front of us.

The biggest part that we tend to miss when it comes to knowing God’s will and path for us is that we first need to build that relationship with God. If we have that connection and relationship with Him, we will know and feel the answers that we seek, because we will know Him. Take a married couple, for example. If they truly know each other and grow in that relationship with one another, they don’t need those big neon signs each time to know that they love each other, or that there is something wrong or that something good happened. They know simply because of their connection with the other, they can feel and see it in the smallest things. The more you know a person, the less of these big signs you need to show you these answers.

The same can be applied to our relationship with God. If we take the time to get to know Him, to listen to Him, to be present with Him, we won’t need to focus on searching for those neon signs anymore. We won’t need to tell God how to answer our prayers because we will know His answer through knowing Him. Fr.Larry Richards has an incredible talk called “Discerning God’s Will”, and it is one I recommend to all of you to listen to when it comes to how do we truly come to know God’s will and path for us and not get caught up in searching for signs.

Focus on getting to know The Father and building that relationship with Him more than you do searching and expecting a sign to come. You will get the answer you seek, but be open that it may not come in the way you want it to, it will come in the way God knows is best for you.


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