Written By: Sandra Walfisz

Think about a beautiful garden. One that is just overflowing with the vibrant colours of all the different flowers, and the shrubs are all perfectly trimmed. It’s mind blowing to see this masterpiece…and to think that all of this started from a seed. The kicker is, the seed itself is only one small part. This garden does not just come to be on it’s own. It needs to be properly prepared at first, the soil needs to be turned and replenished. Then when the seeds are planted they need to be constantly watered and fertilized, and weeds need to be removed so not to take away nutrients and room from the plants that need to grow. Only then do these seeds truly bear fruit and turn into this incredible garden.

Last Sunday, we were reminded in the Gospel of Mark about the mustard seed and how it is the smallest, but when planted, watered and fertilized it grows into the largest of plants and gives shelter and home for the birds (Mark 4:26-34). God is constantly planting seeds into our hearts, He never stops sowing them. But many times we get into this mistaken mentality of passiveness. We say that we are “giving it all to God and leaving it all in His hands”, and there is deep meaning and power in that, but that doesn’t mean that we drop everything, sit on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and watch. God wants us to play an ACTIVE role in His plan…not a passive one. When He plants a seed in our hearts, it’s up to us to now take care of it. He will provide everything that we need in order for it to truly grow and bear fruit, but we need to take that and implement it. It means rolling up our sleeves and getting oue hands dirty, but working together with God.

There was this great scene in an old movie with Steve Carell called “Evan Almighty”, where God and the wife of “New York’s Noah” are having a conversation at a diner about the story of Noah and the Ark. He mentions how when we ask God for a quality like courage, God doesn’t just give us courage in a basket, but rather He gives us the OPPORTUNITY to be courageous. What a beautiful explanation of how God wants us to take part in fulfilling His plan for us!

Even when we come to God in prayer, He always calls us to be active. He will answer, and He will provide…but will you take what He gives and actively receive it? God actively initiates, and we are to actively receive those graces. Prepare your hearts, receive the seed that God plants, and then take care of it so that it can grow and bear much fruit!


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