Written By: Catherine Spada

Give heed, my people, to my teaching; turn your ear to the words of my mouth. I will open my mouth in a parable and reveal hidden lessons of the past.” (Psalm 78)

Our remembering is much too short, and our end is inevitable and very long. It is tragic to think of a soul remaining in forgetfulness, or completely mindless of the lessons of the past and our Lord’s provident teachings; the many instructions He has left. The humble servants before us echo what we need to endure, they remind us Whose we are by helping us to walk in God’s ways.

The Psalms in particular invite us to know the Lord in a way that is deeply personal and convicting. They should pierce us with a freshness and find us changed and renewed every time we meditate upon them. If we give heed to the words , allowing them to resonate within us they will serve as a harness for our spirit, taming our mind from wandering too far off into ourselves or into the vastness of the forgetfulness of God. The greatest tragedy in reading these holy words is to have them become habitual rhythmic repetitions.

Psalm 78 should be read today with a trembling reverence. Leading one to seek the mercy and compassion of our Lord, but to also shake and rattle us away from sin. That God does not forget us is itself a remedy to the ill we experience, but that we forget His justice is a poison to the soul that has entered the veins of the Church, and sadly the heart of many Christians in the Western World.

Waters of fury have raged, vineyards have been set ablaze, the earth has shaken and in such a short period of time that one cannot help but find themselves meditating upon lessons of the past to better understand the present we face. Too many have long forgotten the Lord, still He has not forgotten us.

Many take this and run with their prophetic ramblings of the “end of times” this itself is a peril, because it is not moved by a holy fear of God but by rather rousing one to fear, void of a supernatural hope and self-examination.

I am cautious of anyone really, who parades around announcing the arrival of the Apocalypse, an over-attentiveness to the prophecy of the end does more to wound than to convert a soul. We must guard ourselves from a fear that is not holy and not from the Lord. It may be wise to know of these approved prophecies perhaps, so we can know the shortness of our days and fragility of life, but it is all the more wise to trust the supreme knowing of God, remaining mindful and fervent in our devotion to the Lord and the Most Blessed Virgin Mary… lest we be found at our end forgetful of God and unmoved by the hidden lessons of the past.

It is not by fearing the end of times that we gain salvation , we must love the Lord, fear Him and be willing to have ourselves transformed.

Jesus, our Redeemer came so that we would know lasting life, may we come to Him daily ,accepting the perishing life we now live and be willing to walk with Him obediently through the difficult path of virtue toward our eternal goal. (CC)

“Then he brought forth his people like sheep; he guided his flock in the desert. He led them safely with nothing to fear, while the sea engulfed their foes.”


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