Written by: Theresa Gilbert

funeral-for-aborted-girlOn July 21st in Orlando, Florida a young girl was given a funeral. She was a victim of abortion.

Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life preached at the service while many others listened and mourned the loss of this innocent life. They gave her the name Esther.

Operation Save America was the organization who organized this memorial service.

Every day approximately 300 Canadian preborn children and 4,000 American preborn children die because of abortion. Their lives will only be known to their mothers who mourn their loss and perhaps the few people she confided in. They may have been recorded on some form of paperwork at the abortuary where their lives were taken. But for the most part, life will continue without them and all the potential they had to give our world.

Of course, God knows about each life that is taken behind closed doors under the guise of “choice”. He knows the turmoil that most mothers feel as they approach and enter the abortuary. He knows the pain the innocent child feels as they are ripped apart limb from limb. He knows the profound suffering the mothers experience in the aftermath of their abortion.

God wants the suffering to end.

Choose life and He will bless you.

Choose to seek His forgiveness and He will bless you.

Choose to share the truth about abortion and He will bless you.



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