Written By: Gregory Watson

“With so many witnesses in a great cloud all around us, we too, then, should throw off everything that weighs us down and the sin that clings so closely, and with perseverance keep running in the race which lists ahead of us” (Hebrews 12:1).

It has been said that we don’t choose our patron saints, but rather, they choose us. I was reminded of this recently when a friend who is returning to the Faith asked me about the medals I wear (a Miraculous Medal and the medal of the Angelica Warfare Society), and more to the point, about why we wear medals at all. I explained that they remind us about some aspect of our faith, or of a saint to whom we have a particular devotion, and that they prompt us to prayer and to be open to receiving grace from God. He replied by telling me that he knew which medal he wanted. He’d been watching a movie and it made a brief mention of St. Rita of Cascia. The context of the film’s mention of the saint prompted my friend to find out more about her, and as he read a brief bio of her life, and her patronages, he recognised that she was the saint he could look up to and turn to in his own spiritual journey. Knowing my friend as I do, St. Rita would have never crossed my mind as someone he’d have any interest in, but the more he explained to me, the more I was convinced of the wisdom of the choice.

Most of all, though, my mind kept returning to and meditating on the fact that he found out about St. Rita from a movie—and not even a religious movie! By all accounts, it seemed like a random thing, but then, we know very well that where God is concerned, there are no coincidences!

When I came into the faith almost 13 years ago, my parish’s RCIA program didn’t focus on choosing a patron saint, and so I never really officially had one. It wasn’t for another three years when, on a road trip to Prince Edward Island with my wife and her family, that we happened to stop in a little Catholic bookstore in Quebec City where I chanced upon an English copy of St. Louis de Montfort’s classic, The Secret of the Rosary. Out of my great love for the Rosary, I purchased it and within I was introduced to St. Dominic. Somehow, when learning about the Rosary in RCIA, the fact that Our Lady had revealed it to him and instructed him to preach it never came up. Why it took a trip out east to meet him, I don’t know. But St. Dominic chose to be my patron saint, and I’m blessed that he did.

How about you? Where did your saint find you?


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