Written By: Sandra Walfisz

What is a rhythm? It is a steady pace. Something that is constant and consistent. Sometimes it can be slow, sometimes it can speed up. When you hear a song, the rhythm may not be something you initially draw attention too, but it plays such a key part to keeping everything together. It sets the tempo for the entire song in order for all the other instruments to play smoothly and in perfect harmony together. The moment one instrument goes out of rhythm, it ripples and affects all the other ones and the whole song becomes a disaster.

Everything in this world has been created with an innate rhythm. A particular pace of growth and movement that allows it to develop properly and fully. Think of a flower. There is a sequence of events that it needs to go through before it becomes a fully bloomed flower, but every stage has a particular amount of time it needs to go through. If you were to speed up at any moment simply because you want to see the flower bloom faster, it would have detrimental effects. The stem would be too weak, or it would not be able to produce enough nutrients to keep the flower vibrant and alive.

The same goes with our lives and our own innate rhythms. God has set a particular tempo in our lives for us to develop and grow to our fullest potential. Many times we get into this haste mentality that we want to speed up a particular situation or stage in our life.  We are so used to this “go, go, go” rhythm of work, school, or just daily life in general that when it comes time to actually slow down and allow God to dictate our innate rhythm we become impatient and want everything here and now. We want to have that job right now, we want to finish this project right now, we want to have this habit solved right now, or we want this struggle to be finished right now…we can create a never-ending list of “right now” requests. When we get so caught up in trying to control the rhythm of our lives, it distracts us from directing our focus to God and to the constant steps in our growth that He wants to take us through.

In Psalm 46 God reminds us to “Be Still”. Stillness doesn’t mean a passive waiting, or killing of time. Stillness means bringing your focus back to the moment and actively working in it.

Our life is like a song, and the Holy Spirit is the conductor. He dictates the rhythm for everything to flow perfectly together. Only He knows the full song and knows how each part needs to build on the next for this beautiful symphony to be created. Sometimes it feels like there are moments when we are flowing at a great pace, and others it feels like we are completely off beat and wanting to rush to change to something different or skip over. Come back to that stillness of the moment, and allow the Holy Spirit to help you become in tune with your rhythm again. Sometimes it will be time to progress to something new, but sometimes we just need to find a new harmony and keep playing.


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