stress woman computer - smallWritten By: Patrick Sullivan

Rules are good. Structure is even better. But when it comes to creating a life centered on God let’s not delude ourselves into thinking that He needs those parameters…our parameters to work.

We have all done it.

The stay at home mother ends up dropping the ball on the laundry or the rosary or both, and she wonders, in fact the temptation is very strong, whether or not she has failed that day.

The man or woman working downtown has just had a commuter change. They used to travel in the car but now they travel by train or by some other variation. They can’t do their devotionals like they used to, and they are convinced that they are failing.

Many Catholics are convinced that spiritual progress only occurs when they dutifully follow their structure or routine planned out in sobering and mature detail.

But that is not the whole of it.

Training and strengthening your spiritual faculties is done by and through routine; the daily grind of doing what we should be doing; and it is irreplaceable for this reason.

But docility to the Spirit, the ability to follow God even in the mess of our day is equally important. Your schedule goes out the window, you choose the better part even when it is not what you had on your calendar and what are you doing?

You are preparing your soul to be the kind of person who seeks God in the mess.

Biblically it is the equivalent to Jonah in the belly of the fish. Far from living out his prophetic duties it is the prayer from the bottom of the sea that brings him back to life.

Historically, it is the Catholic, stripped of all dignity and locked away in many forgotten places and moments in the world. And it is there that one of the Psalms is heard, bringing grace where it previously could not penetrate.

Don’t write off the chaotic moments. It is then when you slowly become the kind of person that God can use as one of His shock troops. One of His Church militant designed and formed to infiltrate the deepest and darkest of the enemy’s strongholds.

Today is a mess you say, and your routine has gone completely out the window. Okay. Now let’s talk to God; this is part of your training.


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