Jesus with lamb on his shoulder - smallWritten by: Fr. Jason Kuntz

It is also necessary that the young know the Church, that they perceive Christ in the Church, Christ who walks through the centuries alongside each generation, alongside every person.  He walks alongside each person as a friend.  An important day in a young person’s life is the day on which he becomes convinced that this is the only Friend who will not disappoint him, on whom he can always count.”

–          John Paul II, Crossing the Threshold of Hope, Page 126

Crossing the Threshold of Hope is a book of an interview between Pope John Paul II and the reporter Vitorio Messori.  I read the book when I was about 15 years old – it was the first time I had read anything by Pope John Paul II.   This particular quote struck me and has stayed fresh in my memory for many years.

We hear that many young people remain “spiritual” even if they are not religious.  They are fascinated by Jesus Christ, but are disinterested in the rules and rituals of the Church. In Blessed John Paul II all people noticed someone who was clearly a close friend of Jesus Christ.  It was hard to dismiss the Church as irrelevant or unnecessary to Christian life when one of the greatest Christian witnesses of our generation was head of the Church.  The authenticity of Blessed John Paul II’s witness helped many discover that if we want to be friends of Jesus Christ there is no surer way to find him than within the Church He founded – in her sacraments, her teachings, her devotions.


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