Written By: Tanya Granic Allen

The depravity of our culture continues to sink to new lows.

Just in time for St. Valentine’s Day, Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey, has hit the theatres. Women everywhere are flocking to see this film, which is shocking to me. Since when is BDSM the pinnacle of love and romance?

I suppose I shouldn’t really be shocked, when we live in a culture which has turned itself upside down. Any culture which continues to reject God, will continue to decline and be at odds with moral law. This film is a fine example of man turning his back on God.

Up until the advent of this book series upon which this film is based, it was considered dishonourable for a man to hit a woman. In fact- we used to call it abuse. In this film, it’s a contractually acceptable (and a welcome) action. There is never any mention of this behaviour being offensive or remotely considered abusive.

The glorification of this abusive behaviour in this film is so repugnant to me, as it should be to all women, I cringe when I hear how much money this film has grossed. This is a clear litmus on how damaged our society is, and how pathetically women now view themselves.

One would think that after all the bra-burning in the 60’s, women would be protesting in the streets against this film. No. Even some so-called feminists praise this film as they feel it demonstrates the sexual liberation of women. Excuse me, but since when is a women being whipped and handcuffed an example of liberation? Try telling that to the thousands of Christian and Yazidi girls who have been taken in as slaves of ISIS; I’m sure their harrowing stories of rape and torture would shine a much-needed light on what true liberation ought to feel like.

Perhaps girls and women today are missing positive role models. With Lady Gaga prancing around stage in a demonic manner, and Miley Cyrus thrusting her goods into everyone’s face, the celebrity capital is morally bankrupt. So who should young girls look to?

The best role model young women can have is a perfect one- Our Lady. With her humility and grace, and her being held in the highest honour in the Church, perhaps women can look to her and realize the dignity within themselves. Perhaps women can release themselves from the shackles of this rank culture and embrace true love- both for themselves and for God.

Isn’t that what St. Valentine’s Day ought to be about?


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