woman question marks - smallWritten by: Lawrence Lam

I just recently passed 10 years of consistently practising my faith. Although always identifying myself as a Catholic, it’s only really been 10 years when I “practised” in that I actually made it a regular natural part of my acting life. I’ve practised piano performance for about 25 years, in comparison and in both cases, practise really does make perfect, or at least close to it, which is why I guess I’m still just practising. Reflecting on my past 10 years, I’ve found that being Catholic is above other identities in that it is an action of the will, a response to a call from God, who knocks gently on the door offering the opportunity to be invited to make one’s life really awesome. It’s been 10 years of a true relationship that grew for me from a series of intellectual exercises – not unlike that of Blessed John Henry Newman – which in turn allowed me to encounter and respond to the world with the knowledge that He is working in my life to draw me closer to Him.

Very key to my growth has been in the field of apologetics, the application of the intellect to difficult aspects of the faith. While it might be easy to hear that God loves each of us, dealing with the very existence and nature of the triune God, His Incarnation and Resurrection, the ministry of His Church on Earth are great mysteries that I had a great difficulty in internalizing because I once thought it was all fluff like other religions. Being able to speak about the faith and its peripheral issues in an objective manner was new and interesting to me and it continues to excite me that as much as Christian belief is under attack, God has given us brains to discover the truth and defend the faith with our intellectual gifts. I’m honoured to be invited to help contribute to the discussion on this wonderful blog and hope that through it people’s hearts and minds will be open to the gift of Truth and Love from our Lord.



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