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It has been said that many love God but few love His will.  And His will for you as an evangelist is to go to the people that the Lord sends to you.  This is good news, because we cannot evangelize the whole world by ourselves just as we cannot walk in every direction at once. Good news though it may be, this is also a challenge because it does not allow you to assume that someone else will take care of it.  No, we have to ask Jesus where we should spend our time and our energy, and we need Him to tell us precisely who it is that we are being sent to. When we really do this we are definitely in for some surprises but there are some general principles that will also hold true.

Principle 1. Those you will evangelize are part of your life right now.  This is not a foreign mission. The harvest is full right where you are!
Principle 2. Remember that God can and will send more than one person to you to be evangelized.
Principle 3. If you are married and / or have children then they already have been sent to you and you must evangelize them as well.

Finding out your mission is not a guessing game and the Church’s mission to evangelize the world is not something to be found only in books.  You are the Church where you are, and your culture with its ups and downs, joys and sorrows, atrocities and heroic moments is the field in which God has put you to work.  So dive in, listen intently and ask, ‘to whom are you sending me Lord?’

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